Young Kevin Wilson is having gay erotic massage in British gay films

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Dan Broughton,Kevin WilsonDan Broughton is a well-known gay chap who likes to help young guys to relax for British gay films. This time he is going to deal with young Kevin Wilson. Kevin is a slender chap with flexible sporty body and a hairy chest. His nipples are already firm as the guy knows what kind of pleasure he is going to get from his experienced master. Dan Broughton is a dirty gay masseur and he is not ashamed to put his hand under the boxers of a young guy. Then Dan touches and massages the pink feet of the chap making him melting from pleasure. When Kevin totally undresses, the massage is becoming hotter and sexier as Dan is touching the guy’s back and hairy ass. Kevin laid on his back and his cock is showed to Dan and the guy can do anything with this young tool.

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