Hot chap Brendan Middleton is using sex toys in this British gay movie

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Brendan MiddletonA very hot chap Brendan Middleton is going to show you what he has for gay public in this British gay movie. He doesn’t want to wait for a long time and pulls his T-shirt off for us to have a look at his nude torso and admire his milky smooth skin and dark-brown nipples. The camera-man obviously likes Brendan as he gives us a lot of close-up views of the guy’s dick still hidden beneath his boxers. After some posing Brendan Middleton decided to have a hot solo. he is one of the guys who like using different sex toys so there is always something to play with in Brendan’s chest of drawers. The guy took one of them and laid on the bed pulling his boxers off. So he is lying nude and pleasing himself in front of the camera.

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